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Thread: Reason 5 Mackie Control Pan Problem

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    Reason 5 Mackie Control Pan Problem

    Hey, me again
    this time its not a Osculator Bug, i guess.
    If i have a rotary, or fader, doesnt matter, and i give it a CC , for example 70, and in Reason i give with Override function manually to a rotary, it works fine, and the rotary in reason rotates like the rotary i am controlling with my finger in TouchOSC...


    if i have as an Remote Device the Mackie Control, or the M-Audio ProjectMix choosen, and i give my rotary in Osculator the CC on which, for example the pan 1 in mixer is linked to, the pan is moving very strange.
    as soon i pass with my rotary the amount of 66 (0-127), it starts moving, and moves on to one direction, doesnt matter if i changed the rotate-dircetion with my finger...and next time i pass the 66 it starts rotating to the other direction.

    i am so confused....
    this is the last setting i need to set up and i have a Mackie-like controller on ipad, i will share here if anyone is interested

    hope you can help me...



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    Hi Maul,

    The thing here is that the Mackie protocol does not use a single MIDI CC to change the value of a control. It is a protocol built over MIDI, and although OSCulator can receive and send MIDI, it does not implement this protocol natively.

    So, the reason why you are seeing this behaviour is because only a part of the MIDI message is understood and transmitted back to the rotary.

    You should therefore avoid to use generic MIDI control changes to control Reason. I believe Reason also supports OSC, which can be useful with OSCulator if you need to mix MIDI and OSC from one controller.

    Best Regards,

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    oh okay...damn....
    the reason, why i want to use the mackie control, it has the midi output...
    the "other" universal midi controller have just a midi it possible to get feedback out of reason into touchosc, even if the controller has no midi output.??
    if yes, how...

    that would solve my problems i guess...


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