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Thread: Love Your Product, But I need Help..Please! MIDI LOST

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    In the configuration window, I see it is using the Mackie Control protocol.
    Do you think you could change it to something else, like something more "generic"?
    OSCulator does not support the Mackie Control protocol, this may be the reason why DP is not interpreting the MIDI as it should.

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    Yeah, I've messed with all of these selections. It was working for months with the Mackie control setting. Weird! The other choices are: HUI, open sound control & Radikal SAC (not sure what this one is?). Maybe it'll decide to work again one day? :-)

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    I think the problem is there.
    You must find a way to tell that OSCulator is a MIDI input like MIDI Keys (that's in the list).
    If possible unregister OSCulator as a Control Surface.

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    Ok Cam....getting closer.... :-)

    Someone posted directions in a motu thread that says this:

    . Download OSCulator (make a donation and register it, it's worth it!)

    2. Fire up Digital Performer

    3. Under the Setup menu, select "Control Surface Setup"

    4. Add (+) a control surface and select "Open Sound Control" from the dropdown menu

    5. Fire up OSCulator on your host computer and TouchOSC on your handheld device.

    6. Click on "Parameters" in OSCulator, then select the OSC Routing tab. If "Digital Performer OSC" isn't listed, click on the gear icon and select it from the "Nearby OSC Services" choices. Select "Close" when done.

    7. In TouchOSC, you'll need to type in your host IP address in the Network tab. You can find the host IP address in your Mac's System Preferences under Network.

    When I click in the OSC routing tab within Osculator, Digital Performer is listed in the #1 slot, but it's red. I have a feeling that might be my issue? Any idea why it may be red and if it is the problem , how to solve it?


    Screen shot 2012-01-25 at 6.56.57 AM.jpgScreen shot 2012-01-25 at 6.56.48 AM.jpg

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    Digital Performer supports OSC input, and I think this is a great thing. If you know what OSC messages are used to communicate with DP, then I would suggest you use TouchOSC to directly communicate with DP. In this case, you won't need OSCulator anymore, which will obviously make me sad, but I will recover

    In your case, I think the problem factored out to be a MIDI Input problem. Playing with OSC settings will only confuse you deeper. First of all because you will then have to replace all the MIDI CC you previously configured with an OSC Routing. (BTW, I wished I had DP's OSC definition so I could create a ready to use OSC routing dictionary.)

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