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Thread: HID Joystick and Osculator - any tip

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    HID Joystick and Osculator - any tip

    Hello, I would like to ask about if anyone is using any particular joystick and OSCulator from which he is really happy with that, I would like to purchase one to control some instrument I do in SuperCollider and I was wondering if there is any tip or avoid message to share by anyone had experience with that.I am not sure either I am in the correct topic space so I apologize in advance for any case of that.

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    Hey K,

    OSCulator does not support HID Joysticks at this moment.
    The compatible devices are the ones listed in the manual (and of course, those that send OSC messages as well).


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    Hi, then I have to check it through HID SC classes side, concerning that, but if a joystick transmits Bluetooth, which I am wondering if they exist such as, doesn't mean that they could bond up with OSCulator, aren't they?

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    The only bluetooth joysticks that are compatible with OSCulator at the moment are the Wiimote and its extensions.

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    Hi Cammille are there any implementations for that these days, I have a typical usb game joystick is there any way to hook it up with OSCulator so I can send it then to SuperCollider?

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    Hi K,

    You could try to use SuperCollider's HIDDeviceService

    Or use PureData to send convert HID to OSC:

    There is also JunXion Lite, but I don't think it does OSC, only MIDI:


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    Hi, thanks, I have already considered about similar fixes, but just for the record SuperCollider 3.5 is broken on HID protocol in Mac osx 10.8 will be fixed on January.
    I have Max, which I consider it as a nice option as Pd, the point is I would swear that someone in SuperCollider list suggested to use OSCulator for this issue, but you obviously here say that there is no option of using a usb joystick with it. I am a bit confused.



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