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Thread: Newbie to OSCULATOR

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    Ahhh, that's too bad.
    Please send me your oscd file, TouchOSC layout and TSI file (export Traktor's mappings) to camille at osculator dot net and I'll have a proper look. Thanks!

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    Done, thank you!

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    Got it !

    You control the Play/Pause Traktor widget using MIDI CC 8/16 from the message /2/play3/z.
    Therfore, OSCulator synchronizes back the received MIDI CC 8/16 back to the iPad with the message /2/play3/z. This is wrong, since the /.../z messages are not assignable.

    The solution is:
    1. change the Play/Pause state from the button's state (/2/play3, not /2/play3/z).
    2. use a push button instead of a toggle, I don't believe it is needed, since the Play/Pause state is transmitted back to the iPad when Traktor starts playing or pauses the deck.


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    Hi Cam, Sadly and frustratingly this is not still working - i am on the verge of giving up on it

    I changed the midi mapping in Play/Pause (both in and out mappings) to MIDI CC 007 (/2/play3) rather than MIDI CC 008 (/2/play3/z).. /midi/cc7/16 now is set to /2/play3 rather than /2/play3/z as before..
    I changed the button interaction mode from toggle to hold (also tried direct)
    Play/Pause OUT is now set to 007 also

    Yet still not a blip from the iPad when I click the Play/Pause button on Traktor.


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    Id also like to add, when I press play, midi/cc7/16 in osculator lights up in red, so it seems to know its getting a somewhere?

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    Reuben, I'm really sorry but I can certify the solution above works. Is there a particular reason why you change the interaction mode in Traktor?
    Do you want me to send you back the version that works?

    Again sorry, I wished it was easier to explain.
    This is normally easy to setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reubenk View Post
    Id also like to add, when I press play, midi/cc7/16 in osculator lights up in red, so it seems to know its getting a somewhere?
    That means that OSCulator is not able to find your iPad on the network. This is usually related to a temporary problem with Bonjour (the automatic network configuration system) that is easily solved by rebooting the iPd and / or the computer. It can also originate from a bad WiFi router, but you said you were using an ad-hoc connection.

    I am sure you are close to the solution.

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    Hi Camille, that would be great if you could send me the version that works for me to test!

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    Ok so I got in the green by changing the hostort on OSC routing, it seemed to be selecting the wrong one.
    So the midi/cc7/16 ligts up green aswell as /2/push3 in osculator when I press Play on Traktor, but yet iPad does not light up the play button / stop to indicate if it is playing or stopped

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    You should not need to change the host / port configuration, only the Default Target.
    Do you have many devices on the network that publish a OSC service?

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