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Thread: Newbie to OSCULATOR

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    Newbie to OSCULATOR

    Hi guys, I recently got OSCULATOR going for my iPad 2 to use along with Traktor Pro 2, and I have some questions if you would be so kind to help me out.

    1) Is it possible to get iPad to react to buttons I touch manually on macbook? eg. If I press the play button on traktor via macbook, the play button on the ipad that I have set also lights up.

    2) I am using OSCUlator, If I leave it for a few minutes or even when I dont.. It when I click a control again it seems to take a while to 'pickup' the MIDI again.. almost like it lost the connection and needed to find it again or something ? (Im using ad-hoc with ipad + macbook).

    3. I have an X-Y pad that I want to use for a filter control.. Is it hard to setup for the filter rotary button to the X-Y pad?

    Thanks guys!

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    Hello reubenk,

    1. In Traktor you define a set of mappings that map MIDI input with Traktor controls (buttons, knobs, etc.). Say for example that you have MIDI Control Change 10 that controls a filter (In mapping). If you want to be able to control back your iPad, you will need to define another mapping (Out mapping) that has the same MIDI CC (10) but in the other direction. When you touch the filter in Traktor, OSCulator will automatically map the MIDI back to your iPad because it knows that MIDI CC 10 is used by a control on your iPad. See the attached image for an example.
    traktor bidir.png

    2. I am not sure this issue comes from OSCulator, however your network configuration sounds ok to me. To be sure, open a Quick Look window on the message you are interested in (select it in the main window and press the Space bar) and see if the signal reacts immediately or not. It might be possible that the iPad's wifi uses an energy saving scheme that lowers the reactivity of network operations after a while of inactivity.

    3. It should be easy to map it. In OSCulator map two different MIDI CC that you don't use for something else, and in Traktor add two In mappings with those MIDI CC and mapped to the controls you would like. Depending on the orientation of your device, you might need to reverse the values of the Y axis. For this, select the argument that is inverted (/1/xy1 [0] or [1], again depending on the orientation) and press Command-I. This will invert the output values for this message by changing its scalings. (have a look at the Scalings Page, page 13 in the manual for more info)

    Let me know if you have any further question.


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    Hi Camille - Thanks alot for your help - I really appreciate it!
    So I started with the first question.. I tried what you said about creating an 'out' mapping.. (CH16.CC.008 IN AND OUT).. In this instance it is a Play/Pause toggle button.. I have successfully created an Out Assignment and set it up to the same CC as the IN assignment, but nothing happens when I click it on Traktor. It seems in the Mapping Details it wont let me change the 'Type of controller', and is stuck on LED.. The other is set up to Toggle I wonder does this have anything to do with the problem?

    Thanks mate! Will try the other solutions now also :-)

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    Hi !

    99% of the time, the solution to back-mapping problems is simply to delete all the /midi/ccXX/YY messages in OSCulator, and let it recreate the correct mapping next time it receives a message from Traktor.

    I just tried, and as expected when the Out mapping has been created, Traktor sent to OSCulator a message that I had not yet mapped. After I deleted the /midi/cc08/1 message, everything worked.

    The LED controller type is not a problem, you can leave it as-is.


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    Im sorry to be a pain but I dont fully understand what you mean.
    With say my play button.. I have the following flashing green in OSCulator when I press the button:
    /2/play3 (hooked up to CC09)
    /2/play3/z (Hooked up to CCO8)

    Which do I delete? I deleted /2/play3 and I just had to remap naturally.. I deleted /2/play3/z and nothing happened ?

    Thanks again

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    No problem, I meant to delete the messages starting with "/midi".
    You want to think with the other direction in mind : form Traktor to your iPad.

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    None of my messages start with /midi, and im unsure what to delete? Im really confused with this :-(

    So frustrating that it wont work!

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    It seems OSCulator does not receive MIDI from Traktor.
    In Traktor you could check In-Port and Out-Port to see if they are correctly assigned to "OSCulator Out" and "OSCulator In (8000)"

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    In-Port only has options OSCulator Out - All Ports - Traktor Virtual Input.. Out-Port has OSCULATOR IN (8001) duplicated 15 times down the list ?! Looks like my in/out ports are mixed the wrong way around ?

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    I confirm:
    In-Port should be "OSCulator Out"
    Out-Port should be "OSCulator In (8000)"

    What version of Traktor are you using?

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