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Thread: Midi to OSC?

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    Midi to OSC?

    Hey Camille!

    Maybe it´s a noobish question, but is it possible with osculator to transform midi messages into osc signals?
    It´d be nice to launch some scripts or so with a midi controller as well!


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    Hi Ionas,

    Yes, you can easily receive MIDI input:
    There are two ways of doing this:

    1. OSCulator create an MIDI input port for each window called "OSCulator In (XXXX)" where XXXX is replaced by the OSC input port of the window. To send MIDI to OSCulator, configure the applications that sends MIDI to use "OSCulator In" as the MIDI output.

    2. If you need to receive MIDI from physical controllers or IAC MIDI port: in OSCulator, open the Parameters window, and go the I/O tab. In the popup menu to the left, select the desired MIDI Input(s).


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