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Thread: A Reason to Touch (Reason + TouchOSC Template)

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    A Reason to Touch (Reason + TouchOSC Template)


    long time ago, i tried to create a Mackie Control for Reason for TouchOSC!!!
    i failed!!!

    now i come back with an Novation Automap Control!!!
    i WON!

    i want to share with you!!!

    i packed all the things you need in a .zip file.
    a Readme is also there!!!
    Hope you guys enjoy, if questions, ask!!!
    in future i want to create for every synth an page, so all devices in Reason are usable with my template =)
    but here the first version!!!

    A Reason to Touch!
    by Maul

    If you got some suggestions, you are welcome to post!!!!
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    Hi. Sorry. What kind programm need for use whith toushosc?

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