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Thread: Wacom Intuos 5

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    Wacom Intuos 5

    Hello there!
    Short question: Is the Intous 5 supported by Osculator?
    How is the multitouch handled?


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    Hi Nudel,

    I am sorry, I have not tested this new model. I bought an Intuos 4 Wireless last year, and I am not super motivated for buying yet another one this time. What I can tell is that usually Wacom's drivers are consistent and I think I never had to make modifications on OSCulator to account for new models.

    I think the multi-touch events are the same as for example the Magic Trackpad, thus it is like another device running side by side with the tablet. OSCulator only deals with tablet events, so my initial guess is that multi-touch events will not be handled at all.


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    See see, i'll report back once i get my finger on one then.
    In the meantime i'll be experimenting with TUIO.

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