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Thread: TouchOSC for Cubase and ProTools

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    Hey All - I'm real new to TouchOSC, but so far it's great. Trying to get a handle on how to edit controls, specifically for controlling Pro Tools. I have the .touchosc file downloaded but the ProTools tab doesn;t control anything within ProTools. Can someone point me in the right direction for getting this template to control ProTools?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!


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    Hi Andrew,

    I am waiting to receive my iLok key to activate Pro-Tools, it should be early next week.
    In the meantime could you please tell me if you have checked in Pro-Tools the MIDI settings?
    I believe you have to enable Pro-Tools MIDI input for use with OSCulator's MIDI output.


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    Is anyone succeed to move the faders ? I've installed the cubase/protools template, I've configured inside protools the midi section and I've added a HUI peripheral.
    All the shortcut are working on the protools page but no fader moves on screen even when I try to make some automation.
    I'm on PT10.3.10 with touchosc 1.9.7 and osculator.

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    I'm not sure, but I think some kind of intermediate program would need to interpret the MIDI from TouchOSC and package it in to a HUI emulation.

    Schlossax might be able to explain what they did to make it work.

    You could control MIDI channels in ProTools by sending the volume/pan/etc values to the relevant channel/CC number and putting the MIDI channel in to record, but that's not as cool..


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