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Thread: OSCulator Plug-in for Logic Pro

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    Hi Chab!

    That's an interesting suggestion.
    If I change the number of plug parameters for an insert from 16 to 64, users that have built an interface with 16 parameters will not be able to page through the other parameters. Therefore I can not change this. But then it would be interesting to have a "non-paging" version of the plugin for Logic, I just fear it would make things more confusing than they already are.
    If you are interested, I can send you a build with the increased number of parameters, just contact me by email at camille at osculator dot net.


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    Configuration via an external file is a very good option, though I don't want to invest too much time into this plugin, at least not before Logic 10 is released. I'll be happy to build you a custom version, just let me know.

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    Am I right in thinking the osculator plugin doesn't transmit the instrument plugin name? I wanted to construct a Lemur controller which would switch layouts for each instrument. Thanks for osculator and any help I can get!

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    Hi oscure,

    The plugin name should be transmitted to /logic/track/instrument/name.
    It seems it has not been documented properly.


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    Hi Cam,

    Is it possible to have OSCulator set the track name in Logic? In the documentation it says that the message is unidirectional only... I am trying to write a Python script that changes the track names in Logic using OSC messages and OSCulator as a bridge.


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    Hello Ashirvad,

    I am sorry but this limitation does not come from the OSCulator Plugin for Logic, but rather the SDK it uses to integrate into Logic. I will have a look to see if that is possible in Logic X, but I highly doubt there is an API for this.


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    Hello Cam,

    That's very kind of you. If you can suggest any possible way to accomplish this, I would also be very grateful.


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    Hi Cam
    I'm wondering if the Osculator Plugin for Logic Pro works with Logic X and 10.9. I can't seem to find the Library/Application Support/MIDI Device Plug-ins folder that is referred to in the documentation. Actually I have a more general question, I'm trying to use Osculator to connect a Wacom Bamboo to Logic X on 10.9 to send pitch, pressure and modulation to control software synths, is this still possible and could you direct me to a tutorial or documentation? It's been a couple of years since I last used Osculator so it's all a bit hazy.

    Cheers Marcus

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    Hi Marcus,

    I reckon you don't need the OSCulator Plugin for Logic Pro to control Logic X.
    This plugin is designed to give you access to Logic as a control surface, using the OSC protocol.

    Now, you should be able to use the "MIDI learn" function to map a MIDI Control Change message sent from OSCulator to Logic. I am sorry there is no specific tutorial to explain how to do this, but you can get an idea of what to do with this tutorial for TouchOSC and Logic here:

    Search for the text "On the iPhone, switch to page 3, the one with red faders. Move the first one, then in OSCulator, assign MIDI CC 8 on channel 1.".
    You will see that the user assigns a MIDI CC to a message in OSCulator (so that's what you must do with a message coming from the Wacom Tablet), and uses the "MIDI learn" function to map this MIDI CC to something in Logic...


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    Thanks Cam
    Got it working, thanks for the lead.
    Cheers Marcus

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