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Thread: connect with logic

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    connect with logic

    Hi Camille

    I have already installed the osculator plugin, but I can not get any reaction in logic, allthough logic creates a controller setup
    with the osculator image.

    I can connect to Osculator from Iphone ore Ipad and I see the lines highlited according to the buttons I press.
    Also I have a correct routing in the Osculator parameter.

    What is wrong?

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    Hi Professor,

    Can you see messages from Logic appearing in OSCulator?
    Also, if you have a look at the example oscd file included with the plugin package, you will see that there is some mapping configuration you need to do in order to send messages from your iOS device to Logic and vice versa.

    Finally, it might help to delete the controller setup in Logic, and re-create it. I have seen situations where Logic fails to properly communicate with OSCulator (but have no knowledge of why this happens yet).


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