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Thread: Emulate specific function keys (e.g. LEFT-Shift)

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    Emulate specific function keys (e.g. LEFT-Shift)


    is it possible to emulate for instance the "Left Shift"-Key and not just "Shift".
    Some Games require this and have no Controller-Setup.


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    Yes Christian, you can precisely emulate the Left-Shift key by bringing up the Keycode Helper (Command-Shift-K) and pressing the key of interest. You will get a key code that you must use to select the correct Keycode event.

    More information in the manual at pages 14 and 42 (the 2.12 manual is available directly from the Help menu).

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    that is not the case. Keycode-Helper reports code-number 56 for both SHIFT-keys and in my personal search in the internet, there is no way to differentiate between left and right function keys with these kind of key codes. There must be some other kind of differentiation, but I have found no way to do it (for instance using an Apple-Script).

    Thank You

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    Hi Christian,

    You are right, sorry I thought I remembered the key codes were different for each side of the keyboard.

    But then, how are the games polling for active keys on the keyboard?
    They may be accessing the raw HID device (keyboards are also HID devices).
    That would mean that it is not possible to use Keycode or Key Combo events to control these games.

    Have you ever tried ControllerMate?
    This application is very powerful, and might be able to help you solve this problem:


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    i will try it out und report later.


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    Okay, the HID-Usage for "LEFT-Shift" is "Page 7 keyboard usage 0xE1 ", right?
    To use this from OSCulator it would be necessary to create a virtual "HID-Keyboard", right?

    Please correct me, if i am totally wrong.


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    Yes, i believe that would be one possible solution, albeit heavyweight...
    I could also investigate on the Mac OS X framework used to synthesize keyboard events to see if they provide a programmatic way of sending a Left Shift key event.


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