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Thread: TouchOSC multiple functions? (LiveControl and Silent Way 2)

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    TouchOSC multiple functions? (LiveControl and Silent Way 2)

    Hi all,
    I'm quite new to this, so excuse me for any noobness.

    I'm using TouchOSC and LiveControl template to launch and mix my sets on Ableton Live. Perfect so far.

    What I'm trying to figure out now is how the best and easiest way to use a second function with the IPad, in this case, to control with multifaders Silent Way's Step LFO 2 channels (CV and gates). It would be suited for live use, so must be a nobrainer, with no reconfigs or layout changes if possible.

    Here's a quote from OS at Expert Sleepers:
    I believe TouchOSC is still only able to send to one port, and SW can't listen on the same port as Live. However i guess I could find some way of echoing an incoming port to two destinations - maybe OSCulator?

    hope you experienced guys could help me on this one.



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    Hi Rodrigo,

    First solution:

    OSCulator can echo messages but not as a whole, you have to configure every individual message so they are properly routed to LiveControl.

    So in the Parameters window, OSC tab, you create a OSC target with LiveControl's port (, that is for your local computer, and 5000 for LiveControl's default port). Then create a OSC Routing (click the + button) and set its target number to the one you just configured. Basically it would look like this:
    LiveControl routing.png

    Then you assign this routing to every message that is registered in OSCulator so it is sent to LiveControl. You will need to configure TouchOSC so it sends messages to OSCulator, and LiveControl so it sends message to TouchOSC. Don't try to handle both directions in OSCulator, it is not needed.

    Another solution:

    You will find here a small command line utility that listens for OSC messages, and dispatch them to as many targets as you want.
    Once you found the correct settings it is easy to incorporate the command line in a file that you can launch by double clicking.

    There are some gotchas though:
    - TouchOSC will need to configured manually because the oscbroadcast tool does not publish a Bonjour service (i.e. network autoconfiguation).
    - I don't remember how bi-directional communications work with LiveControl, obviously you will have to configure it so it responds to TouchOSC, not the oscbroadcaster tool.

    The command line should look like this:
    oscbroadcast -s 9000 -t osc.udp:// -t osc.udp://
    As you can see the tool here listens for OSC message on port 9000, and broadcasts them to ports 5000 (default LiveControl port) and 8000 (default OSCulator port) on your local computer (

    In TouchOSC you will want to set the outgoing port to 9000 (to match the tool's input), and the host to your computer's Bonjour name. You can get this name in the Sharing Preferences Pane. My computer is called tortilla, so the Bonjour name is "tortilla.local". It is better to choose a short name so there is no confusion when you are typing the name in TouchOSC.

    If you need some more information, feel free to ask.


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    wow, thats a good amount of data i'll have to digest here..
    thanks a lot dear. i'll try to get this together this weekend. let you know about my progress.

    the solution 1 seems easier to setup, don't you think?

    thanks and all the best from brazil.


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    Well, Rodrigo, I think solution 1 is more simple because it just involves OSCulator. Once the configuration is done, you can lock the document and forget about it. Solution 2 might be more robust, although it's not even sure.
    Have a nice week-end.

    All the best from Paris!

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    Well, here's how its looking so far:
    Picture 1.png

    on LiveControl:
    Picture 3.png

    On TouchOSC i got:
    Port (Outgoing): 8000
    Port (incoming): 9000
    Local IP Address:

    Silent Way Learner
    Rodrigo's Macbook Pro:8000 (OSCulator)

    If it's everything right, tell me the way to go from here


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    It looks fine, however I can see that LiveOSC does advertises a Bonjour service so you'd better use it for OSC Routing. ( is not needed after all).

    Now just create a OSC Routing and set its target to LiveOSC's service (that's target number 3 in the screen shot you sent).
    Finally, assign the OSC Routing event to every message you want to send to LiveOSC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camille View Post
    Finally, assign the OSC Routing event to every message you want to send to LiveOSC.
    and how exactly should I do this?

    after this setting, how will I be able to change between LiveControl and SilentWay on Ipad's TouchOSC?

    sorry for taking your time like this, but I'm lost!

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    I'm sorry Rodrigo, but I don't understand you question.

    When I say "assign the OSC Routing event to every message you want to send to LiveOSC", I mean the following:
    Your TouchOSC layout sends messages to OSCulator that you need to forward to LiveOSC. This is what the OSC Routing will do because it has been configured with LiveOSC as the target. So when you receive a message in OSCulator, and want to send it to LiveOSC, assign the OSC Routing event to that message.

    Now, if you want to control SilentWay, you need some controls in your TouchOSC layout to do that. TouchOSC will send messages to OSCulator, and you will have to send them to SilentWay, just like you did for LiveOSC.

    LiveControl is a TouchOSC for controlling Live with TouchOSC, but if you want to control SilentWay as well, you will have to customize LiveControl layout for example to add a page with all the faders and button you want to use with SilentWay. Then OSCulator will be used to dispatch the messages to the desired application (LiveOSC or SilentWay, both running on two different OSC ports).

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    understood. i'll try it and let you know about my progress.
    thanks again camlle, you rock.

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    I've been looking for a way to add custom pages to LiveControl for a while. Had a M4L patch that I was trying to get to work that essentially did the same thing (taking the signal and mirroring it) but was having trouble with the new version of LiveControl. Excited to try this out, thanks cam and rodrigo!


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