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Thread: Sedning Midi over OSC on a Network

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    Angry Sedning Midi over OSC on a Network

    Sending midi from Iannix application to osculator.
    Osculator uses OSC Routing to another computer.
    Osc goes from first computer to osculator on target computer.
    I see the input coming in from the first computer /midi/note/1.
    'Osculator out' on target computer is midi input to Ableton.
    Ableton midi prefs seem fine.
    Ableton isn't showing midi input, even though I have selected 'all channels.'

    Anybody walk me through?

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    Hi syneme,

    The problem here is that the target OSCulator receives OSC message, but you have convert them back to MIDI in order to send MIDI events.
    If you don't care about a specific MIDI event, and want to send the whole stream over the network, the more simple solution is to use the "Send to MIDI" event.

    The following post explains how to do that:


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