Hello, thanks for this great software! Only thing on my wishlist is an advanced routing method, typically a regular expression parser. I often find myself repeating a lot of very simple routings. For example, 4 x 64 times (!) routes like [/1/slider/1 => midi ch 1 cc 1]...etc + the same amount of outgoing routes to display the value feedback!

With a regular expression interpreter, you could handle this with 2 routing, such as: ingoing route formula could be [OSC:^\/(\d+)\/\w+\/(\d+)$ => MIDI:$1/CC/$2] and the outgoing route formula something like [MIDI:^(\d+)\/CC\/(\d+)$ => OSC:$1/slider/$2 ].

Maybe there's a way to achieve this already, but i can't find it (btw, as mentionned by someone else in the forum already, "OSC rewriting rules" is a broken link in the documentation)