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Thread: values from fader to label

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    values from fader to label

    so this has probably been posted here but..

    say I have a fader ,/1/fader1, that has a range of 0 - 6. how do i show those values in a label or otherwise display them?

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    Hi bleach,

    You should use a OSC Routing that converts the argument to a string.

    In the Parameters Window, go to the OSC tab and create a new OSC Routing by clicking the + button on the lower left part of the window. Then click the pen icon to edit the routing.
    In the "rewrite address" field, use the OSC address of the label you want to control, for example "/1/label1".
    In the "Arguments" field, remove the <all args> token and drag the arg[0] token in the field. You will notice there is a small triangle on the right of the token, click on it, and choose "as string". The token turns to "s:arg[0]" meaning that:

    - considered the incoming OSC message that is routed (the one that triggers this OSC routing event)
    - create a new OSC message with the address "/1/label1"
    - add to it an argument by using the first input argument (at index 0) and convert it to a string


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    I am having trouble with this. I am attempting to create a simplified layout for Luminair 3 on iPad. I used the Osculator layout to get the addresses into the layout, but I am still struggling to get this feature correct.

    I have six pages, with 24 faders on each page:

    Fader 1 = /tracks/1/fader

    Fader 2 = /tracks/2/fader

    ... and so on.

    How do I display the intensity value of fader 1 to label 1? What should my settings for the label in touch OSC be? Any help is appreciated.


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