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Thread: One two computers

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    There is no stability issue, CPU should double from a single remote configuration, but I wouldn't care about this since I don't consider CPU usage as a representative measure.

    If you have fear of stability issues, you should probably run your setup and see how it performs. As I said, there should be no problem on OSCulator side.

    Btw, I noticed that when using a Mac network when I try to send messages or to receive from OSCulator it will not find the host, as soon I switch to the lan network then works, is there any known issue about that ?
    Not to my knowledge. Would you have both Ethernet and Airport networks connected at the same time?
    It could be that SuperCollider only receives from the primary network interface, which should be the Ethernet network if the cable is plugged in.

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    No, I am using entirely wireless connections. Seems quite peculiar, by testing it I found out that, if I try to connect first into a mac net. it will not work, it will work though as soon I will make a successful connection through a Lan (by a router) net. and then go back to the mac net.
    I am thinking of adopitng a router and connect into that by ethernet for stability reasons, if that makes sense.


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    Ah ok, sorry I think I was confused by the terms "Mac net".
    Yes, a wired network would be better than a wireless network.

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