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Thread: How can I create more HID channels?

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    The only reason why joysticks 3 and 4 disappear is that the older version of the kernel extension has been installed. Please make sure that you have a single version of the application on your computer, and do like you did (uninstall / reinstall) the kernel extension. Then, restart your computer.

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    Sorry there is another reason actually, if you use an older version of OSCulator. Just make sure you are really running the latest I sent.

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    I already removed all the other versions everytime you send me a new build. I thought the update of the kernel would suffice, but somehow it conflicted. I got it working again, I unchecked the virtual joystick, then rebooted, then removed the app, redownloaded, reinstalled, rechecked and it worked. Sorry to have bothered you, thought something wasn't right.

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    Great, I am sure you did not anything wrong, as I told you by email, the kernel extension upgrade process might not be as robust as it should I will check that before releasing the new version.

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