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Thread: Massive Layout 2.0

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    Massive Layout 2.0

    ***Use the Maschine Layout in Massive***
    ***Set Target 2 in OSCulator to osc.udp://localhost:8000***

    (download files at the end of this post)

    Ok I figured I would just post the latest update here.

    My initial offering started as an exercise in curiosity and I was/am still wrapping my head around using variables and everything else. There were some things in the previous version of this layout that didn't quit work that I wasn't aware of until I started really playing with it. So now after a few days of messing around Ive re-programed everything and it a lll works as it should. The TouchOSC file is labeled in a more user friendly manner and the OSC file is better least it is for me.

    This is the initial state when first opened


    Using the toggle switches on the lower left you can select the module section to edit.
    This is the oscillator section 1-3


    Filter section


    modulation section


    FX section


    using the small toggle switches on the lower right you can call the FX section/inserts and eq to the bottom 8 rotary controls without
    leaving the main edit modules





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    Hey Bryan, just downloaded your massive 2.0 setup. looks pretty cool. I need to wrap my head around the osc routing. I don't quite know how to set that stuff up.


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