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Thread: Messed up messages

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    Messed up messages

    Im not at my computer right now so I can't post pics of my issue but heres whats going on..

    Ive updated to the latest version of Osculator and also TouchOSC (1.8....i think) and since then dragging a ToucOSC file into the routings page of osculator results in buttons/lables etc...showing up with names like
    +FCXZWRUE##DBSC instead of /1/button1
    (Not sure if this is relevant) This did happen when registering buttons from a previous TouchOSC version (v1.6.x) layout into the most recent version of Osculator. Updating TouchOSC seems to fix that.

    Thanks for any help

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    I have a recollection of this problem and I think it has been fixed in version 2.12.4.

    Do you still experience the problem or have you found a fix?

    In any case I will have a look when I am back from vacation.

    Thanks Bryan!

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    Whoa! Youre on vacation and still replying. cool.

    Im on Osculator 2.13. I remember reading some posts that had this same issue a while back in version 2.xx but I hadnt experienced it until now.

    No fix yet. For now I just have to manually type the routings.

    Ok. Now go be on vacation.

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    Hey Bryan,

    Sorry about that this will be fixed in version 2.13.1.



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