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Thread: Digital Performer 8 Layout

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    Digital Performer 8 Layout

    Its not ready just yet..but very very close.

    Digital Performer is OSC capable however I am having some issues in getting two way communication for most things so in the mean time Im taking another path.

    I will be posting this along with a video overview/tutorial in the coming weeks ,with Cams permission of course.

    Im posting these screen shots now to get feedback and/or questions from anyone who is interested.

    This is the initial look when first loaded. There are 3 pages, main, mix, and qwerty.


    Main Page:


    Mix Page:




    So here is where its at and like I said, I will be doing a video overview of how it works, at least with my workflow, with DP.
    Thanks for looking and any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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    Thanks Cam.

    Hopefully in the next week or so Ill be able to do a video tutorial/overview and post it.


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