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Thread: Problem with Midi CC Volume and Panning Automation

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    Question Problem with Midi CC Volume and Panning Automation

    I an trying to use the wiimote as a panning board so when I push the nunchuck up and down, the volume changes in Digital Performer. I have gotten this to work, but when I go to record this for the Volume part of the track using the Record Auto feature, it does not record the automation, but the lever does move up and down. Do you know what this happens? If I use my mouse to move the lever, the automation records that movement, just not the movement from the wiimote. I have it mapped to Midi CC channel 7 for Volume, and CC Channel 10 for panning.

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    I am sorry, I don't know DP that well.
    Isn't there an record latch to enable for the track you'd like to record automation?
    I will ask someone who knows DP better than me.


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    Hey DJ,

    MIDI tracks work differently than audio tracks as far as recording automation goes. Instead of using the Auto Record you have to record enable the MIDI track and use the main record (like you were going to lay down some MIDI notes) and then your controller automation, volume in your case, will be written. Be sure to play enable the Auto Record on that track and you're good.

    Audio tracks will work as you would expect using only the Auto Record.

    Hope that helps.


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