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Thread: Music w/ Wiimote- Osculator- MAX MSP- Kontakt

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    Music w/ Wiimote- Osculator- MAX MSP- Kontakt

    Hey i've created a patch where I use wii/osculator/contact within max to have the control play notes depending on where it is/ how abruptly it stops & whatnot but i have a question:
    Does anybody know of a way to get play more than 1 note at a time (i.e. a chord) through Kontakt/ Max?
    I love where i'm getting with the sounds but it would sound more melodic if the notes could be set up to play a scale or chords.

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    Hi Maxdance,

    I am sure you can find plenty of MIDI generators, arpeggiators and harmonizers for Max.
    A quick search with these terms led me to this page, that might be interesting for you:

    Btw, if you're into PureData as well, I would highly recommend these tutorials:


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