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Thread: HID Joystick X, Y AND Z axis control?

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    Question HID Joystick X, Y AND Z axis control?

    Hi there, I have a 3D USB controller (i.e. 3 axis: X, Y & Z) and I can only see a way of assigning HID X and Y in Osculator. Is there any way of getting a kernel/build version that would allow me to assign extra axis (Z or others) within Osculator as an HID device?

    Many thanks!

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    Hello mnp81!

    Do you mean that you need to receive data from a HID USB controller?
    OSCulator can't do that, the kernel extension is there to make it so OSCulator acts as a controller to other HID compliant applications.


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    Hey Cam, thanks for the quick reply. Sorry I probably wasn't clear enough. I have a USB device that is sending me OSC (X, Y, Z and others) and I need it to act as a multi axis HID controller for use in other apps. Is there any way that Osculator can support more than X & Y? For example Z and even further input axis?


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    Hi Mike,
    This is correct, OSCulator does not explicitly support the HID Joystick-Z axis, but you can also emulate a continuous axis (like Z) by using an "analog" button instead.
    Do you think this would solve your problem?

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    Hi Cam, thanks very much for the reply. I shall give that a go on Monday and hopefully that will solve it. We've already bought one license and I'm sure we will be buying more if it works

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    Thank you so much.
    Please let me know if that makes the trick!

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    Hi again Cam, I tried mapping to an analogue instead but that doesn't work as my controller is using sensors rather than physical buttons and the output HID software I'm using really needs axis data to control properly.

    I've tried using Processing and Pure Data but with no luck so far. They only map to MIDI.

    Ideally it would be perfect if Osculator could map OSC to all joystick axis i.e. X, Y, Z, Throttle and Hat switch. That way all joystick functionality can be utilised from an OSC signal within any HID software. Is this something that could be possible?!

    ** UPDATE **

    I bought an Osculator license plus a ControllerMate license ( Then I was able to receive OSC in Osculator > Convert to Midi out > receive in ControllerMate as Midi > then Map to a Virtual Joystick for my applications to read as a normal joystick.
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    Hi Mike,

    I've thought through your problem during this weekend and found it would be too much work to modify the kernel extension and whatnot to allow for these extra controls. I am glad you found a solution!


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    Hi Cam, thanks for taking the time. I understand it would be quite a lot of work and thanks for the prompt responses (I ended up getting another license here as well ). Cheers, M

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