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Thread: Help with a JOG wheel and FCPX

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    Help with a JOG wheel and FCPX

    New to OSC and I am trying to create basically a keyboard shortcut for use with FCPX and After Effects.

    I have a keyboard short cut set up in both programs that is simply arrow left to go back a frame and arrow rt to go forward.

    I have set up a similar jog wheel with my wacom tablet and it would be great if I could get TouchOSC to work the same.

    I would like to have an encoder be able to send arrow Lf and rt commands back to the mac to move the playhead forwards and backwards. So as long as I turn the encoder wheel it will keep sending the command, then when I stop the playhead would stop in FCPX.

    In Osculator, I see the encoder wheel set up however I can't figure out how to make a command that sends commands forwards and backwards. Make sense.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Hi Nick,

    Unfortunately TouchOSC's rotary is not an appropriate object for using as an encoder.
    Because it has boundaries, you can not turn it infinitely left or right.

    A user recently asked a similar question on the forum except he was trying to do the same with a TouchOSC rotary, MIDI messages and Live. I sugestest a hack with OSC Routings. It didn't work because when the rotary is at its min or max limit, TouchOSC stops sending a meaningful information.

    You can make a poor's man encoder with two button, and exploit the fact that keystrokes get repeated in OSCulator when they are held. I know this is a completely different feeling than a real encoder. I don't know if there is another control surface on iOS that would provide such control at the moment. I think you could do that with Lemur, but it may require a bit of research.



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