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Thread: DP8 plugin script

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    DP8 plugin script

    Hey guys just wanted to post this here. Its a very simple script for use with Digital Performer 8, Osculator and TouchOSC that you can use to quickly recall any plugin ,or your favorite goto plugins, on any track. Just paste this into your Osculator documents Applescript tab and attach it to a button.

    You can check out a video walk through here:


    tell application "Digital Performer" to activate
    tell application "System Events"

    ------------------------------------tab to catagory list--------------------------------
    key code 48 usingshift down
    delay 0.1

    ------------------------------up arrow to get to "all" selection------------------------
    repeat 0 times
    key code 126
    end repeat
    delay 0.5

    ------------------------------------tab to search field---------------------------------

    key code 48

    ----------------------------type plugin name next to keystroke ---------------------
    ---------------------------using quotes "" surrounding the name--------------------

    delay 0.1

    ---------------------------------down arrow to select plugin-------------------------
    repeat 1 times
    key code 125
    end repeat

    ------------------------------enter to activate plugin on track-------------------------
    key code 36

    end tell

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    As always, thanks for sharing


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