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Thread: not sending midi channel number other then 1

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    not sending midi channel number other then 1


    I am attempting to send a noteon value with a midi channel number other then 1 to max4live and for some reason am only getting midi in on channel 1. All inputs are active in ableton live.

    Even though i am changing the channel number in OSCulator to 2, it is still coming in on 1, and continues to do so even if i set it to 3 or 4.

    any reason why OSCulator is refusing to send data on channel 2?

    my system is touchOSC>OSCulator>midi>max4live

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    it turns out its a max4live issue. max4live can't take more then 1 midi channel in Ableton so it automatically converts all midi channel values to one. this is baked into it evidently.

    SORRY OSCulator! You still rule!

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