I have spent half a day trying to get this whole thing to work so i can use FX easier on an Ipad/Iphone in Serato.

I have done everything this guy in the Video has said till the point where I have to Set the Deck 1 button in Serato to toggle on and off as i touch and release my finger on the XY pad. Video is here. Watch from 6:12 to 7:23 to understand what i mean.

So far i have done everything he said on the video but Z messages dont seem to want to work when it comes to assigning a MIDI button.

I then tried to troubleshoot by having a look at Osculator to see if the lights work. Both X and Y are yellow when i hit the XY pad and Z is green as expected, because X and Y are deslected. In my understanding, if Z messages show up as green, it means it is sending a signal. But why doesnt it assign when i click on Deck 1 just like in the video? Everything else from after that point works fine. i.e. X and Y can be assigned to the depth knob of each FX channel and works perfectly when tested

The Z function is soooooo useful if it works. Being able to have combo FX and not having to turn 3 knobs simultaneously is why i want to use Osculator. So Please help me!