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Thread: Midi PC to Multiple OSC route

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    Midi PC to Multiple OSC route

    Hi, I'm new to Osculator and have a presumably simple problem

    Osculator is receiving a midi program change message and I want to write two osc messages to the same device, my iPhone

    For example, when it receives midi program change 1, i want to send /1/label1 -> "text1" and /1/label2 -> "text2"

    I tried duplicating the midi program change message, but I can't get that to work. The OSC routes I have created aren't showing up in the duplicates.

    Any help is appreciated



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    Hi Colin,

    It seems you are on the right direction, but I can't see why the OSC routes are not showing up in the list.
    Would you mind sending your file to camille at osculator dot net?
    Without it it difficult to understand what's happening.



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