Hi Camille,

It would be really cool to build a type "MIDI SysEx" - I believe this has been suggested a while ago... Apart from many other uses, I am currently working with a Mackie Control compatible surface (Behringer X-TOUCH), and to set the scribble strips, you have to use MIDI SysEx messages.

I would imagine the best way to implement would be a window similar to the OSC routing popup - something where you can manually construct how the SysEx is formed; as sysex is encoded in Hexadecimal, some conversion methods would be helpful, i.e. ascii to hex...

As an example, this message here sets the scribble strip of channel 1 to "A1234A ":

00 F0 00 00 66 14 12 00 41 32 33 34 35 41 20 F7

This part is a header means "set a scribble strip": 00 F0 00 00 66 14 12
This part is the "address" of the scribble strip: 00
This part is the content of the message that is ascii text "A1234A " in hexadecimal (see here http://www.rapidtables.com/convert/n...x-to-ascii.htm ): 41 32 33 34 35 41 20
This part is the footer to close the message: F7

If OSCulator could receive an OSC message with a string at a particular address (something/00), part of the address (00) and the string could be used to build the SysEx string and send it...

Would be a very cool feature !