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Thread: problems with Max4Live seeing data

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    problems with Max4Live seeing data

    Hi Osculator forum, I bought Osculator yesterday to replace the ajh.wiiremote extension that no longer worked in 64 bit Max4Live.

    I need to get the y and z data from the nunchuck into a Max patch and managed to get the OSC Routing method for the combined axis last night. Today unfortunately it does not seem capable of sending to Max (or Max receiving it...). I have tried both OSC Routing and MIDI CC info, but nothing from either. I have been using the Max objects udprecieve 9000 and midiin. Neither are displaying any activity, despite Osculator apparently running fine and registering the movement on the quick look graphs.

    I am using OSCulator 2.13.2, Max 7.0.5, Live 9.2.2 and OSX 10.10.5.

    Any help greatly appreciated - I have a gig next week and this is currently cabbaged!

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    Hi Tim,

    Have you tried the included Max example? (look for Wiimote to Max in the /Applications/OSCulator ƒ/Samples Library folder).


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    Hi Tim,

    Have you tried the included Max example? (look for Wiimote to Max in the /Applications/OSCulator ƒ/Samples Library folder).


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    Hi Camille, thanks for your quick response. I had not, I was using the OSC Routing to the default osc.upd://localhost:9000 URL then using the updrecieve 9000 object in max. It worked for a bit then on saving or going between edit in Max it would just stop.

    I have been trying the example setup (using the updrecieve 9000 cnmat object connected to the opensoundcontrol object as indicated in the CNMAT help file), it worked initially, but has stopped working completely now. OSCulator continues to run and see the wiiremote data, but it stops getting sent to MAX for some reason. The problem seems to be that data stops coming out of udprecieve. Reopening or pasting the objects into a new patch has no effect either.

    Please see screen shots attached - please let me know if I am doing anything v stupid.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 15.06.49.png
    Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 15.07.13.jpg

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    Could you please show me the "OSC Routing" tab in the Parameters window?

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    Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 17.41.30.jpg

    I have not changed these settings from the example.


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    Mmmh... I don't see why this would stop at some point.
    It looks like upon save or edit, Max4Live does not close or re-open the UDP socket.

    If you don't need the extra sensitivity I would suggest you try again with MIDI CC events, there is no reason it should not work.
    Before using Max4Live try with a simple monitoring software like MIDI Monitor. When you are confident that MIDI is sent properly as desired, launch Max4Live and use print to debug you setup.

    Let me know how it goes...

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    Hi Camille, apologies for the lack of response, it looks like editing in Max while running had caused some problems. I have settled for using the udprecieve object and it is solid if I don't edit the patch while running. (Fair enough really!)

    Thanks again Tim


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