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Thread: OSCulator 3.0 is here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by camille View Post
    - The reversed turbo assign was implemented as well. Works for MIDI channels as well.
    Great - very useful for editing values of grid controllers - Launchpads etc.
    OSCulator descending values.jpg

    Another turbo assign tweak to speed up editing multiple messages:

    turbo assign sequence / series / scale - values of selected messages increase / decrease by a defined amount.


    [+] 12 - perfect for mapping octaves

    [+] 8 and [+] 16 - for mapping columns and rows of grid controllers
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    Amazing work, Camille. But, forgive me foolishness - how does one access the 25% discounted price? My licence from 2008 is obviously not SO recent... but I would still appreciate the discount.

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    Hi parkingsun,

    Every customer has a discount.

    I sent an e-mail on Monday with everybody's personal discount code, but of course your contact could have changed since 2008. Just send me an e-mail to giving me a proof of purchase and I will send you a link to purchase with your discount.


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    Thanks for the tip. I have a novation Launchpad S

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    IR sensitivity


    I'm using Osculator to track Infrared LEDs as part of an interactive art installation.
    I find that I need the IR sensitivity on the max setting (+2)
    Is there a way to increase this value?

    (I have tried and exhausted all the methods I can find of increasing the power of the IR LEDs and have tried over 20 different 840nm LEDs)

    Many thanks

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    Hi Camile,

    I bought Osculator V2 back in 2012. How can I upgrade to version 3 and do I have a discount for it?


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    Hi Javier,

    Yes, you benefit from a 25% discount for an effective price of $14.99.
    Just send an e-mail to camille at osculator dot net and specify your OSCulator 2 license details.


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    Great job guys. Thanks

  9. #29 the cause of 'clear enough,' here's another quick, concise explanation....

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    Osculator 3 is crashing on me nearly every time i close the parameters window. Any idea how to fix please

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