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Thread: Osculator 3.0 & Wiimote

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    Osculator 3.0 & Wiimote


    I have used Osculator in the past for years. Now, after purchasing a MacBook Pro with Sierra !0.12 operating system, I downloaded Osculator 3.0... I am not able to pair any of my wiimote devices. I am proceeding as always : after pressing the red button inside wiimote, press the "Pair a Wiimote" button inside the tools window...

    Should I proceed in another way else?

    All the best

    José Manuel

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    Hi José,

    Wiimote support in OSCulator 3 has not changed, and from the reports I got recently seems pretty stable.

    The way you connect your Wiimote is not correct, even for previous versions. It worked perhaps because of a different combination of macOS, Wiimote or computer versions.

    The good way to connect a Wiimote is :

    - first pair the Wiimote with your computer, you only have to do this once.
    - the pairing process is ran from the "Pair" button in OSCulator, and pressing the red button on the Wiimote.
    - after Wiimote is paired, the Wiimote may disconnect (some Wiimotes continue to connect after pairing, but most disconnect)
    - now, every time you need to connect your Wiimote, simply press any button (except the red button) until the Wiimote is connected to your computer. You can see the Bluetooth icon the system menu-bar changes to connected mode.



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