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Thread: Keystroke to MIDI

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    Keystroke to MIDI


    I would like to control the main volume in RME Totalmix simply by keystrokes on computer keyboard. OSCulator may convert MIDI messages to keystrokes, but not in reverse direction, am I correct? Is there any chance to make this happen? Or maybe to support Apple Remote as steering device by OSCulator? I was done deep searching for solution of my problem, and well, there is Bome MIDI Translator Pro, but in my case this piece of software is unstable and saying straight - too expensive. Thank You for reply.

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    Hi neequo,

    Unfortunately OSCulator doesn't listen for keyboard events at the moment, but I note your wish for this feature.
    Just a couple of questions: what key combo would you like to hit to change the volume?
    I suppose you would like to be able to change the volume regardless of the frontmost application, is that correct?


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    Yes, changing volume regardless frontmost application is very important to me. Ideal key would be special keys, for example F11 (quieter) and F12 (louder), but this combination is not deadly important.


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