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Thread: Sending X, Y, Z Values to PD

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    Sending X, Y, Z Values to PD

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and only just getting to grips with OSC. I'm doing a project using the Kinect + Synapse + Pure Data and routing it through OSCulator. I'm getting messages across to PD, however the messages sent are simply back, forward, left and right. I want to be able to get the X, Y and Z values in order to use them to control filters etc. Any way I can change the data being sent to PD?

    Sorry I'm very new to OSC so apologies for my lack of knowledge!

    Hope you can help!



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    Hi SP,

    In OSCulator, can you see the messages corresponding to the desired X, Y and Z values?
    It would be helpful to see your OSCulator file, so I can tell if I see them.


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    Yeah sure, I'll attach the file.

    I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty simple, but for me it is only printing messages: forward, back, up, down, right, left.

    Thank you! Kinect OSC.osc3Kinect OSC.osc3

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    Hi SP,

    I can see you don't receive any message looking like X, Y or Z.
    This is a setting you want to check with the Kinect controller program.


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    By any chance is it to do with my drivers? There isn't an option in Synapse that alters my messages?

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    I reckon this is something you might be able to change in Synapse.
    I searched Synapse's website but found no documentation.

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