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Thread: Issues with Track Focus in Logic Pro X

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    I have sent you an email, have deactivated as requested.

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    Hey, I know this is a late reply If you haven't figured out a solution yet, I think I got it. In osculator search for /logic/track/id.
    Once you find that sucker, demux it (Control-D) and you will see all the individual track id's. Then you can map them! That will get you around the 8 channel problem.
    Only bummer is your logic session must remain fixed in regards to the order of the tracks. If you are building this functionality into a template, it's not a deal breaker, you can always add new
    content to the bottom of the session. Hope this helps! Here is an example for TouchOSC and for Lemur

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    Just thought I would share something with you. Stumbled on a solution for recall of Composer Tools Pro presets in Logic through something someone of VIC mentioned.

    Rather than using Transformer Objects in the Environment. Using an app called Osculator

    Its an OSC compaible app that can re-route messages. Via a Logic Control Surface plugin it communicates with Logic. I tried using it previously with no success.

    However using the steps mentioned here:

    Not only does it work, it also seems to recall without using any further steps once I have linked each OSC command in Osculator to a Program Change!

    This would probably work for TouchOSC too. Seems the key is using the command /logic/track/name in Osculator.

    So now I have a system where tracks can be saved as Patches in Logic and added later as the track name is what Osculator looks for not a Track number or ID. And when I select a track in Logic it auto recalls the correct preset for the articulation Pads in Composer Tools Pro.

    Just sharing as maybe its something you can flag up to other users.

    Pity for me that the price seems to have changed since I first purchased in March (Only 2 Euros but as I am in the UK the exchange rate has got worse as well)! Had to repurchase as you refunded me back then as at the time thought it would not work for me...

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