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Thread: Oscilador 3 whiteboard calibration

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    Oscilador 3 whiteboard calibration

    I'm having problems with calibration and mouse mapping. I have an extended display and perform the calibration on that display correctly. The problem is that when mapping the values "x position" and "and position" to "Mouse" (like "Absolute Move x" and "Absolute Move y") the pointer does not match the calibrated display; The two displays appear to be a single screen. I have tried with another mapping (with midi and with OSC) but the result, on the x axis, does not work either.If, instead of extended, the diplays are duplicated, I also do not get correct results.
    Maybe I have to change something in some configuration ...
    Best regards.


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    Hi Javi,

    I understand you are trying to move the mouse from a TUIO-calibrated Wiimote.
    When you perform the calibration, do you maximize the calibration window so it fills the entire screen area?

    Also, could you please tell what is the version of OSCulator you are using?


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    Hi Camille,
    Whether I maximize the window on the display that I need or if I stretch it to fit it, the calibration does not correspond to that display, but corresponds to the extended display and the laptop.
    I am in version 3.1.1.



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