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Thread: MOTU AVB - MIDI to OSC Command

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    MOTU AVB - MIDI to OSC Command

    Hi. I'm new to OSCulator.
    I am trying to use a Novation Launch Control USB MIDI Controller to send MIDI to OSCulator and then convert the MIDI to OSC and send that to Motu AVB 16A Interface Mixer.
    Motu AVB 16A use really basic OSC commands like mix/main/<index>/matrix/fader
    Motu AVB 16A use port 43432 as receive ports (no send).
    I have worked out how to send MIDI from the Novation Launch Control into OSCulator but I am stuck when it comes to sending OSC to Motu AVB.
    I have read the user manual but there is not a lot of info and I can't find any how to videos.
    I have attached the Motu AVB 16A OSC docs with all the info.
    Really need some help please.
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