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Thread: Cuemix and OSCulator not working

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    Cuemix and OSCulator not working


    My goal is to mute the microphone channel on my Motu Microbook II with pressing a button on my midi controller (Numark).

    What works:

    - pushing the button on my controller creates a MIDI „note“ F#6 event. This shows up correctly in the message window in OSCulator

    - clicking the Mic „mute“ button in Motu Cuemix creates a „/mix/mute/1/1“ message in OSCulator.

    However, any rewrite that I have tried does not cause any results in Cuemix. The last thing I tried was „OSC Message /mix/mute/1/1 f:1

    I tried setting the value f:1 to „true“ or „false“ but all of this does not work. I am not sure if the value is wrong or if Cuemix for some reasons is sending but not receiving any commands.

    The settings in Cuemix seem to be ok, and it also recognizes OSCculator.

    Any help is well appreciated. I am so excited about this software and the possibilites it might offer me for my workflow, but at this point I am rather frustrated.

    Thank you!

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    Dear Edgar,

    I'm afraid I was not able to find documentation about the OSC protocol implementation in CueMix, so I will try my best.

    The first thing I notice is that you are attaching an OSC Message event to the /midi/note/1 pitch argument. This message argument represents the note pitch, not a trigger, so there no real use doing that.

    I understand you want to trigger an OSC message when you hit the F# key on your controller. To do that, you must "demultiplex" the arguments from the /midi/note/1 message. I know this sounds a bit complex, but after doing it you will certainly understand what is happening (this is also explained in the manual, even though it is a bit outdated).

    Select the pithc argument, then choose Edit -> Demux, and hit the key on your controller. You will see that OSCulator reveals the values of velocity and trigger specifically for the key you registered., You can be confident that the trigger argument will now correspond precisely to the F# key of your controller.

    With this out of the way, the remaning question is about CueMix and does it actually receive the messages from OSCulator. Without proper documentation I can't tell, but I believe you are in the right direction.

    Remember that at any time, you can select a message in OSCulator's window, and press Space to display the Quick Look window. You can also use the Messages Monitor (arrow button at the bottom right) to display incoming and outgoing MIDI or OSC messages.

    Best Regards,


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