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Thread: Wiimotes connection problems osc3.1.1+high sierra

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    Wiimotes connection problems osc3.1.1+high sierra

    Hi there,

    i'm facing and odd behavior. i'm wondering if there's something related with high sierra.
    i'm not able to connect 4 wiimotes (it's been working for years just fine, the only difference is i'm running high sierra with osculator 3.1.1).
    if i start osculator from the Applications folder, i can connect 3 wiimotes, 99% of the time the 4th one doesn't want to connect. (what ever the order, so all my wiimotes are fine, i managed to have 4 connections only once after a reboot)
    if i start osculator by opening my osc3 file, i can only connect 1 wiimote, sometimes 2 but 99% of the time, only one.

    does anyone have a lead on this ? or faced the same problem ?



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    Hi Guillaume,

    The number of Wiimotes you can connect generally varies by the radio environment, meaning, how much interferences your Bluetooth signal suffers. There also seem to be some adapter wear; over the years your Bluetooth adapter performance can vary.

    However, there should be absolutely no difference in the way you launch the application: OSCulator can not see any difference wether the operating system starts it from an existing document or not.

    I will do some load tests with High Sierra, it may be possible that Apple changed aspects of their drivers affecting Wiimote connectivity. Remember, this is still an initial version of the OS, and an update (10.13.1) is already under beta test.


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    Thanks Camille for your quick reply.

    I know there should not be any difference between the 2 opening method, but still, i can reproduce this 100% of the time.

    When starting from Application folder (fresh start), i have better chances to connect the 4 wiimote if i press A buttons by pairs. (i just found this)
    If i start the wiimotes one after the other with few seconds between each, i can't have the 4th one.

    All the best,


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    This is precious feedback, I will try to reproduce myself and understand what's going on, one never knows...

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    Thanks, let me know if you find something. We have an event next week, we're not sure about the computer setup. if possible i'll run v2 of osculator. if not i'll have to use my special trick (pressing A by pairs, that actually works fine with a fresh start from App folder, then opening the osc3 file). So it should be ok anyway.

    Have a good evening !


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    Note that v2 is compatible with macOS 10.5 to 10.11 El Capitan.
    For Sierra and higher you will need v3.

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    Hi Guillaume,

    I have conducted some tests on Sierra and High Sierra using 5 Wiimotes, two of which are not Nintendo genuine. OSCulator version 3.1.1.

    On Sierra, I have been able to pair all Wimotes but connect only up to 4 at a time. It was impossible to get a fifth connected. I have no explanation on why this happens, however I know that when this MacBook Pro was new in 2014, I was able to connect up to 6 ot 7 Wiimotes on the system running at that time (not sure if it was Mavericks or Yosemite).

    On another computer running High Sierra 10.13.0, an old MacBook Air. I have not been able to pair any Wiimote on this computer. When I click "Pair a Wiimote", and then press the red button in the remote case, the button instantly become enabled again, but despite waiting a bit the remote does not pair. With no paired remote, I have not been able to test how many remote would connect.

    During my experiments on High Sierra, I looked at the console log and saw a ton of system related messages about the dance that happens between the kernel, user-space services and OSCulator. I haven't been able to find an indication that something was going wrong.

    The Wiimote driver in OSCulator is stable since ages, and I just don't know what happens on this new OS, or is it my old MacBook? I will test on a newer computer to see if it is "just" bad driver support in the hope the next minor update 10.13.1 will magically fix Bluetooth/Wiimote support.


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    OK, a last update.

    I should have listened the IT Crowd more carefully. After turning my computer running macOS High Sierra off and on again I successfully paired and connected 5 remotes simultaneously.

    I have not been able to pair them all at once though, I had to pair them one by one, turning a remote off after it was paired. The pairing process took longer on High Sierra than it did on Sierra (or previous systems), and it seems it helped to press buttons of the Wiimote while it was trying to connect.

    But once all remotes were paired, it was easy to connect them. Simply pressing a Wiimote button and it would connect to the computer automatically; I did this for all 5 remotes under test.

    I guess the situation is far from being disastrous. I hope Apple will tune the bluetooth driver so they are as stable as in previous versions of the OS. Other than that, I have not been able to spot a problem with OSCulator's Wiimote driver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camille View Post
    I successfully paired and connected 5 remotes simultaneously.
    Hi camille
    5 remotes => is it the maximum with High Sierra please ?

    thank you

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    Hi Denis,

    4 Wiimote is the maximum supported. Some users have more luck and manage to connect more.
    High Sierra seems to be (as of version 10.13.3) a bit capricious with Bluetooth... but I managed to connect 5 Wiimotes on an old MacBook Air 11".


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