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Thread: Touch OSC Not sending keystrokes OS X

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    Touch OSC Not sending keystrokes OS X


    I'm trying to use Touch OSC to send some keyboard combinations (like for instance control-shift-h).

    I am connecting an iPad running Touch OSC to a Mac Pro via both TouchOSC (via USB) Bridge and also a network connection on the iPad in TouchOSC's "Connections" setup page.

    Midi connections are working fine. I can send midi notes flawlessly, and I can send midi-controllers via the iPad's faders.

    When I try to send keystrokes, however, simple ones like F7 (function-7) work just fine, but adding things like Control, Shift, Alt or Command to that won't work.

    Below an image of something that won't work...control-shift-alt-D.

    Is there a trick for this?

    Am I doing something wrong?


    TouchOSC 2.jpg
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    Your question is specifically about TouchOSC, please ask here:
    This forum is about OSCulator.


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    Whoops! Thanks!


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