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Thread: different function depends on button hold duration?

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    different function depends on button hold duration?

    Hi, I'm a noob who just started to use OSCulator and trying to understand OSC
    I am making a patch for live setup on TouchOSC and I was wondering if I can set push or toggle button to do both function on one button.
    For example, if I just tap the button, it works as toggle and if I hold the button, it works as push button
    I'm trying to MIDI map this to Ableton and trying to assign on beat repeat on/off.

    Here's an example of it (deadmau5 live set - the function is on 2m27s)

    I know it's not TouchOSC but I figured that the interface on the video also uses OSC/MIDI, I tought there might be a possibility to replicate on OSCulator and ToucOSC.

    plz help me figure this out

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    Using software we can take a single button and have it toggle a light on or off, or complete a more complicated function if we so desire.

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