Hi, great software you have created!
I will sure buy it and support it.

However the last supported driver for Wacom tablets is "Driver 6.3.18-4"
which is from 2016 year.

I just bought Wacom PTH-451 Intuos Pro S (Pen & Touch Tablet, Small)
I work on Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.6

The latest Wacom driver version 6.3.27-2 doesn't work with OSCulator 3.1.2 unfortunately.

When I press caps lock and move and tilt this is all what I got.

OSCulator 1.png

The activity square light up on the moment of first contact of the pen with surface
and then when I taking pen away..

I tried "Driver 6.3.18-4" and OSCulator seems work fine,
but I am afraid that this version of driver might be not fully compatible with my tablet..
and I'm planing to use this tablet with many applications not only OSCulator,
so using old driver from 2016 is not ideal situation..

From some posts on the forum I understand that it's hard to make compatibility
with every new version of Wacoms driver, but maybe would be possible to manage
and have OSCulator compatible with at least one version of Wacom driver per year.

That would keep Wacom tablets up to date with new versions of operating systems
or ensure Wacom tablet compatibility with other applications.

(p.s. not sure if they should or not working, but touch functions are not recognizable with either version of wacom driver)

Here is screenshot of this tablet working with OSCulator using Driver 6.3.18-4

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 13.12.18.png

This is pretty impressive! Love it!
I tried already pen pressure, x and y.
*Pen/Eraser Button 1 and 2 are numbered as 2 and 3.
Button 1 showing up automatically, but it could be an error or related to other kind of pen.