Hey Camille, thanks for all your help so far! Sorry to keep bombarding you but I have some more things to work out, including 1 more on the general forum haha

I need to make one message have between 6-7 different functions as well as receive 4-5 different messages that trigger when a certain function is enabled. Specifically my encoder needs to be able to switch between controlling the colors Red, Cyan, control color wheels, and control Pan as well as a few other functions. I'd also like to have the led ring around my encoder change in relation to the different messages coming into it, more on this in the general forum.

Right now I do not think that this is possible, but with an event of disable only and enable only it would be very easy. Basically if a message was enabled and an event was triggered that was enable only, it would stay enabled. And if a message was enabled and an event is triggered that is disable only, it will be disabled. And again if that disabled only event is sent multiple times to a disabled message it will stay disabled. This would allow you to switch between multiple functions easily.

This could be done with mappings but when you get more complicated files (like I have) and you need several different buttons to have several different possible functions mappings don't work. This is because they would override the other messages that I want to be at a certain state because the mapping changes every single message to one set. "Mini-mappings" could work where a mapping only applies to a set of messages but that could also lead to more confusion and would probably require more work.

I made yet another video showing how it doesn't work now, but if you read the labels I put you can see how it could work

Test Enable.osc3 here's the osc file I'm using to test

I'd hope that this wouldn't be terribly hard to make work since it is a meta event and has nothing to do with midi or osc

Thanks Camille!