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Thread: Support for BBC Micro:Bit ?

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    Support for BBC Micro:Bit ?


    I recently bought a few BBC Micro:Bit devices ( to start coding fun stuff with my kids, but thanks to GitHub 'Louismac' user I found out that they can easily act as Bluetooth movement-based controllers emitting OSC messages (like a WiiMote, but way cheaper and more hackable) : and started to play with OS X Quartz Composer to receive and process the accelerometer data sent by the Micro:Bit. I think it would be nice to have this device directly supported by OSCulator, instead of running a shell command to have the OSC proxy running just for the Micro:Bit and OSCulator acting in parallel... I guess the work done by Louismac would help a lot for this. What do you think ?

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    Hi Gilles,

    Thanks for the suggestion, looks like a nice little device!
    I understand this one works on Bluetooth LE, I'll have a look in more details...


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    Thanks Camille,

    I have several of them and spend half of my time in Paris so feel free to ask if you want me to test things on my side or lend you one device


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    That would be great to meet, could you please contact me at camille at osculator dot net?

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    Quote Originally Posted by camille View Post
    That would be great to meet, could you please contact me at camille at osculator dot net?
    Hello Camille, I am currently playing again with my MicroBits, any chance we see it added in OSCulator in the near future ? The topic is gaining some traction ;-)


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    Hi Gilles,

    I agree, sorry for the delay !
    Please let me give you some news soon...


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    No pressure here, since on my side it will just be for fun projects, but since I was playing again with this great device, I was wondering if you were able to do something with it !

    Anyway, thanks again for the time spent on it, and looking forward for any news (good or bad)

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