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Thread: Osculator / Bars-Beats / LogicPad / Digital Performer / TouchOSC

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    Osculator / Bars-Beats / LogicPad / Digital Performer / TouchOSC


    I've started using Osculator and it is wonderful.

    I've built a template for both key-switching VI's and also controlling MOTU Digital Performer (DP).

    The DP part of it is working fine, but I noticed in the LogicPad template for TouchOSC, there seems to be a functionality for seeing timecode and bars/beats.

    I don't use Logic, and unfortunately don't own it, but I would love to copy that functionality to my DP template.

    DP has provisions for sending bars/beats to Osculator.

    It also is able to see Oscualtor as a control-surface, though I have not needed that yet with my very basic transport-controls functionality.

    I turned on the send bars/beats-to-Osculator setting in DP, and I see some activity in the Oscualtor monitor window when I do that.

    The Oscualtor incoming-monitor log (see below) shows what Oscualtor saw when I hit play, then stop, then return to the first measure in DP.

    I found the "Osculator Plug-in for Logic Pro" in the Oscualtor Forum Files section and downloaded it, hoping I might find a clue as to how to do this, though I have not opened it yet. It also seems to have a plugin for Logic as well as an Oscualtor file?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks very much!

    (Mac Pro, TocuOSC for Ipad, OSX Sierra, Motu DP 9.51)Osculator Bars : Beats.jpeg

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    Hi! I am interested in this topic too.

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    And so am I still!

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    Still looking for an answer!


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