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Thread: applescript not working

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    Lightbulb applescript not working

    i have recently purchased Osculator. Great app!
    i'm having some troubles with executing applescript. The script itself is working under applescript editor, but not from Osculator. any help appreciated. Here's code:

    activate application "Reaktor 6"
    tell application "System Events"
    tell process "Reaktor 6"
    click menu item "2" of menu 1 of menu item "Recall Panelset" of menu 1 of menu bar item "Settings" of menu bar 1

    end tell
    end tell

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    The problem might be related to have the authorisation to control your computer. Please open "System Preferences", then open the "Security & Privacy" panel and choose "Accessibility". Click the lock at the bottom left of the window and authorize yourself, then make sure OSCulator checkbox is enabled in the list.

    Let me know if that helps!


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    Thanks for the reply. All works fine.

    (Accesibility was enabled. After relaunching Osculator, script started to work and now all is good. i don't know what was causing this issue. Anyway thanks !)

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    I'm reviving this thread because I have a similar problem. All of a sudden, now when a try to run an AppleScript like the following:

    tell application "Pro Tools" to activate
    tell application "System Events"
    key code 65
    key code 89
    key code 87
    key code 65
    end tell

    only the "tell application "Pro Tools" to activate" part of the applescript works. ie, when i hit the button, the computer will go to pro tools, but not execute the rest of the script, which is simply four keystrokes.

    In system settings security and privacy, i have both "osculator" and "script editor" enabled.

    the script runs just fine in the script editor.

    I am running Mojave 10.14.4.

    The only unusual behavior i can think of that Osculator did as me to locate "Pro Tools 11.3.1," which is a very old version that I haven't used in quite a while. I pointed it to my current version, 2019.5. But again, the part of the script that gives focus to Pro Tools works. It's only the next series of key codes that do not work. other kinds of applescripts also exhibit similar behavior.

    Any help?
    Thanks much

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    Hi Ben,

    It looks like your script misses a final end tell.
    Or maybe it is just a typo when posting your message on the forum.

    Let me know,

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    Quote Originally Posted by camille View Post
    Hi Ben,

    It looks like your script misses a final end tell.
    Or maybe it is just a typo when posting your message on the forum.

    Let me know,
    I don't think that's the issue. there is definitely an "end tell" there, in the script and my post. i added a second "end tell" and it made no difference. Also reinstalled osculator to no difference.

    something started blocking osculator from using "system events" even though it's given permission in system preferences.

    again, the script works fine when run from the applescript editor. i've been using these scripts for years. they work.

    this is some communication issue between osculator and mojave 10.10.4.


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