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Thread: Midi CC range to 0-255 range

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    Lightbulb Midi CC range to 0-255 range

    Hey guys,

    I have an APC40 and I’m trying to assign the faders to control my lighting board. To accomplish this, I need to send an OSC message to the console (Hog4) with a range of 0-255 (0-100%)per fader on the board. Is it possible to take my 0-127 CC value and double it to convert it to a 0-255 range before attaching it to my OSC message?


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    Hi Jesseee,

    You could change the scale of the output values for the OSC message. Have a look at the Scalings Page (choose View -> Flip to Scalings Page), it is described at page 13 in the manual.


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