Hello guys,

I recently bought TouchOsc to control Digital Performer remotely. After a couple of days I understood that I need also Osculator to configure everything I want to use. Until now I only used 'key combos' and they work very well. Now I'm trying to work with Osc Routing but at the moment it doesn't work.
The main problem is that Osculator doesn't receive messages from DP, and I think it's a connection problem...

In DP I added a Controller (Open Source Control) in the Control Surface Setup (input port 0)
Then I opened my Osculator file which communicates with my Ipad in this way: 1) same wifi 2) input 8000 2) output 9000

In this way I can only send messages to DP but I can't receive them from DP. If I put the same input both for Osculator and DP the following message appears: "Routing Stopped: Port 8000 already in use"

Can someone explain to me how to setup this configuration? IPAD--->OSCULATOR--->DP and DP--->OSCULATOR--->IPAD
I'm stuck at this point...