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Thread: Midi to OSC for Digico Control

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    Midi to OSC for Digico Control

    Heres what Im trying to do:

    I have a Midi Solutions Pedal Controller with a volume pedal attached. I need OSCulator to convert the Midi to OSC to control a fader on my Digico SD10.

    the OSC string is: /sd/aux_output/1/fader Type: Float , OSC Min: 0 , OSC Max: 1

    Computer IP is
    Console IP is

    Other OSC connection is made and enabled in the console.

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    Here's a screenshot.
    I assumed the console was listening on port 8000, this has to be checked.
    The input MIDI message was assumed to be MIDI Control Change 1 on channel 1.

    Digico MIDI to OSC.jpg

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    Thanks, will give this a try tomorrow. Seems I am on the right track.


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